Kenya 5000 watt solar panel system in Farm
Published by TANFON SOLAR September 22,2020

5000 watt solar panel

Solar is the most reliable source of renewable energy that utilizes natural rays from the sunlight. 5000 watt solar panel systems has with time been improving with latest technology and this has been achieved with more research about the solar energy. Tanfon being among the best manufacturers of the solar products like solar,batteries,inverters,streetlights and solar water heaters. The systems are incorporated with the latest technologies like use of sensors and control of the 5000 watt solar panel systems remotely.

Many customers are really satisfied with our products, meet one of our happy customer from Kenya who opted for a 5000 watt solar panel system for use in his Farm production.

5000 watt solar panel


5000 watt solar panel


 The Farmer uses the 5000 watt solar panel system for water pumping for irrigation,lighting and in his paultry farm for his incubators, he has been using the system and he is comfortable and happy about the 5000 watt solar panel system ,battery percentage has never gone below 55%. Join the list of our happy customers by getting one of our 5000 watt solar panel system


By: Duncan Ngetich

Kenyan sales representative


Kenya 5000 watt solar panel system in Farm
solar panel

solar panel

1. Mono efficiency 22%,

Poly panel efficiency 19%

2. Suggest choose Mono

3.10 years Warranty,

ship NEW panel for after sale service

solar panel rack

Aluminum Panel Rack,

need confirm before order

1. Iron roof

2. slope Tile roof

3. Flat roof

4. Ground



solar inverter

Pure sine wave inverter

1. Pure sine wave ,

110V or 220V ,Dual output,

2. 50HZ/60HZ frequency

3. Hybrid with city power function

4. 2years Warranty,ship FREE

PCB board by DHL for service



solar battery

Solar battery

1)Gel battery,2 years warranty.ship NEW for service.

2)Lithium battery,3 years warranty.ship NEW for service.

5000 watt solar panel


solar system for home cable

According to the experience of the engineer to install,

the 35cm(battery to battery) and 2m(battery to inverter) 

wires can be directly installed, saving installation time.






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