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Published by TANFON SOLAR February 21,2024

1. Project background


A dual carriage way in a Nigerian township requires a stable lighting system to improve traffic safety and facilitate residents' travel. In view of the many problems existing in the traditional power supply system, such as low power generation efficiency, high maintenance costs, environmental pollution, etc., the customer decided to adopt a solar power supply system.


2. Demand analysis


1 Total input Wattage 180Kw

2 Total output Wattage 150Kw

3 Total load Current 626.4 Amp

4 Load Active Time (Time the street light will be ON) 13Hrs

5 Back up time Needed 39Hrs



Provide stable power supply to 526 sodium lamp street lamps, each of which is 18 meters apart and distributed along a 2.25-kilometer two-lane road.

And provide separate power supply for daytime operation of a commercial complex a few miles away with a demand of 50Kva.

A backup power supply time of at least 13 hours to 39 hours is required to cope with night lighting needs in bad weather.

Consider the cost of lithium battery packs.


3. Scheme design


Based on customer needs, we have designed the following solutions:


High-efficiency solar panels are selected, and the total capacity is calculated based on the power needs of street lights and buildings.

Configure TANFON Safety Solar Energy Storage three-in-one system to meet the demand for backup power supply time. Considering the cost issue, we will optimize the configuration based on actual needs and budget.

TANFON Safety Solar Energy Storage Three-in-One Smart System is designed to monitor and control solar panels and energy storage equipment to ensure the stability and reliability of power supply.

Considering the need for backup power supply, we recommend retaining the generator as a backup power supply in the early stages of the project. As the stable operation and reliability of the solar power supply system improves, the reliance on generators can be gradually reduced.


4. Project implementation


Project implementation will include the following steps:


Install solar panels and energy storage equipment ESS, and conduct commissioning and testing.

Establish an intelligent control system EMS to monitor and control the entire solar power supply system.

Carry out system debugging and testing to ensure the stability and reliability of power supply.

Supplies power to street lights and buildings.

Monitor and maintain the entire solar power supply system to ensure its long-term stable operation.


TANFON ESS Advantages:

1) Huawei brand materials ensure safe and stable power

2) The lithium battery modules work independently without affecting each other, making it convenient for after-sales maintenance.

3) Double fire protection design to ensure safe use

4) Online remote debugging, saving installation and maintenance costs

5) TANFON IOT, regular maintenance reminders to extend the service life of the system


If you also have 24-hour power supply needs, TANFON Safety Solar Energy Storage System can provide you with a helping hand. Please feel free to contact the TANFON sales team to provide professional solar solutions for your power supply. We will provide customized solutions based on your actual needs and budget to create a greener and more sustainable future for you.

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