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Kenya’s Mombasa Cancer Hospital achieve 24-hour power supply
Published by TANFON SOLAR February 21,2024

TANFON SOLAR helps Kenya’s Mombasa Cancer Hospital achieve 24-hour power supply: the successful application of a 500kw off-grid system


Mombasa Cancer Hospital in Kenya is a medical institution dedicated to providing professional cancer treatment services to patients in the local and surrounding areas. Due to the advanced nature of their equipment and treatments, hospitals have relatively high power demands. The client wanted to establish a completely independent power supply system that does not require grids and diesel generators to ensure that the hospital can provide uninterrupted medical services under any circumstances.


Considering the hospital's needs, especially the advanced cancer equipment it was purchasing, the demand for electricity was high, so a larger power generation system was needed. After many discussions with our customers, we suggested that our customers directly adopt a solar roof solution instead of the originally envisioned solution that combines solar and wind energy. This is because although small wind turbines are desirable, since the hospital is located in the center of Mombasa, all solar wind turbines and fans can only be installed on the roof. The wind turbine occupies a large area and will cast shadows on the solar panels, resulting in a reduction in the power generation efficiency of the entire wind-solar hybrid project, which is contrary to the original customer's vision.


Finally, we designed a 500kw off-grid system for the customer. This system can be used in places with power grids. Through the use of lithium batteries, it can provide 24-hour power support to meet the needs of hospital. This system not only meets the hospital's power needs, but also avoids the limitations of using diesel generators and the grid. In addition, off-grid systems can improve hospitals’ energy efficiency and reliability and reduce operating costs.

The implementation of this system will help achieve the hospital's sustainable development goals and reduce reliance on traditional energy, while also helping to improve the hospital's operational efficiency and service quality. Through this project, TANFON SOLAR once again proved its professional capabilities and innovation capabilities in the field of renewable energy, achieved customer expectations, met the hospital's power needs, improved energy efficiency and reliability, and reduced operating costs.

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