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Solar energy: bringing energy savings and satisfaction to Ghanaian apartments
Published by TANFON SOLAR January 31,2024

In the busy city of Ghana, we had the privilege of installing an advanced 15KW solar system for a customer, bringing huge energy savings and satisfaction to his apartment. Not only does this system provide customers with reliable, clean energy, but it is also equipped with lithium battery backup to ensure normal operation in the event of a power outage.

In the customer's area, the city power is unstable and power outages are frequent, Tenants reported that the power outage resulted in spoiled refrigerator food and a poor experience. The customer had the idea of installing solar energy. He found us on Google and contacted our sales engineer to customize it according to the customer's needs. Solar power generation system solutions.

By installing solar systems, we provide our customers with a sustainable energy solution that helps them reduce their reliance on the traditional grid and significantly reduce their electricity bills. As Ghana has abundant sunlight resources, the solar system can efficiently capture solar energy every day and convert it into electricity to provide the apartment with the energy it needs.

This project is not just about reducing energy consumption and saving money, it is part of the client's commitment to sustainability. By choosing solar power, customers set an example for their local communities and demonstrate the importance they place on environmental protection and renewable energy.

If you too wish to install a solar system for your apartment, office building or other commercial facility, we will be more than happy to help. Our professional team will provide customized solutions based on your needs to help you save energy  reduce emissions, and bring economic and environmental benefits to your business.

Contact us and let’s work together to bring a sustainable energy future to your commercial facility!

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