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The green energy revolution injects new vitality into fish farms
Published by TANFON SOLAR January 31,2024

With the advancement of science and technology, solar energy has become a new generation of clean energy, bringing unprecedented convenience to our lives and work. Recently, our customer introduced a 50KW solar power generation system into the fish farm, which provides electricity to the fish farm 24 hours a day, injecting new vitality into the development of the fish farm.

The picture is when we are talking to the customer, who provides the load information of the farm :

This solar power generation system not only provides a stable power supply for the fish farm, but also saves customers a lot of diesel costs. In the past, fish farms had to rely on diesel generators to meet power needs, which was not only expensive but also caused certain pollution to the environment. Now, through solar power generation, customers not only reduce operating costs, but also contribute to environmental protection for nature.

The use of solar energy is not only a green energy choice, but also an investment in the future. In this era of energy transformation, choosing solar energy is choosing a sustainable future. We introduce solar power generation systems into fish farms for our customers based on our confidence in green energy and our commitment to customer benefits.

We are delighted to hear feedback from our customers about this solar power system. They said: "The electricity comes from solar energy, which is stable and environmentally friendly, and has saved a lot of costs for our fish farm. We are very satisfied with the performance of this system and will Recommend to other farmers to use solar power.”

Let us join hands to use clean solar energy to contribute to the future of the earth. Thanks to our customers for their trust and support, we will continue to provide you with efficient and reliable solar solutions.

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