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Nigeria Ibadan Confectionery Factory ---MW solar power plant
Published by TANFON SOLAR January 17,2024

Nigeria Ibadan Confectionery Factory Survey---1MW solar power plant.


The customer is a Confectionery processing factory in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State, Nigeria. They are looking for a professional industrial and commercial solar system supplier. This solar system mainly provides 30% of the power source for the factory. They currently have generators of 1.5MW and all loads are 1MW. The factory loads include induction motors 40%, heater loads 20%, refrigeration compressors 30% and lighting 10%.


MW solar power plant


Due to the factory scales and complexity, they required a site survey by a professional solar supplier's engineer to gain a more accurate understanding of the factory power needs and available resources. Just at this time, Tanfon Solar Engineers installed a 2MW government project solar system sample in Beenu. So they invited our engineers to the factory to survey the actual conditions, including but not limited to roof area, lighting conditions, electrical loads, and any possible installation limitations.



Tanfon Solar Engineering Team adheres to the principles of professionalism, efficiency and environmental protection to provide the highest quality survey services. A system was designed that not only meets the power needs of the dessert processing factory, but also effectively utilizes solar energy resources.


Tanfon Solar Energy Company eagerly looks forward to cooperating with you to jointly promote the development of green energy projects and provide sustainable power solutions. Please feel free to contact us and we will arrange a professional team to conduct on-site inspection as soon as possible.

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