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Tanfon Overseas factory in Senegal
Published by TANFON SOLAR December 08,2021

In 2014, Seydina Omar Diaw, the customer from Senegal, came to China to visit our factory and placed a 10KW solar system order.

In 2019, our manager went to Senegal for a business trip to visit his home, and by the way know the operation of the solar system.




When our manager went to his home, She knew the reason why omar bought a solar energy system at that time. Because although the electricity is not lacking at local, it is very expensive. He would rather choose an one-time investment. Five years ago, he deliberately went to China to find a manufacturer, and finally chose to cooperate with us.

He chose our 10KW IGBT inverter. He said that he has learned on the Internet that we are using IGBT materials for exclusive 5KW and 10KW inverter in China. Other manufacturers use this material for the inverter more than 15KW, which shows that our technology is excellent.


10KW inverter


He installed two meters of the mains and solar energy at home. The state of these two parts could be viewed clearly. When there is no solar power, it will automatically switch to the mains to work for the entire household load.

In the past few years, he has also introduced the customers to us, and bought the 10KW solar system, and it has been used very well too. Thank you omar for his great support and sincerity.


10KW solar system


When he knew that we started building factories and exhibition halls in Senegal, he supported our job strongly.

We have been professional in this field for more than 10 years. We have the whole supply chain management, guarantee the quality, and guarantee the real service, truly realize the O2O marketing. We will provide the actual after-sales service guarantee with the goal of opening the customer service centers globally.

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