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20kw Off-grid Solar System for Hotel use in Cameroon
Published by TANFON SOLAR February 29,2024

The electricity supply in Cameroon is unstable, with frequent power outages causing inconvenience to residents and businesses. Our client, the owner of hotel, found that the traditional power supply could not meet the 24-hour operation needs of his hotel. To ensure the normal operation of the hotel, he decided to invest in an off-grid solar system.


20kw Off-grid Solar System for Hotel use in Cameroon


Taking into account the daily power needs of the hotel, including 10 refrigerators and electric lights, and the local sunshine conditions, we customized 20kw off-grid solar system for the hotel. To ensure stable operation, we used high-performance solar panels and battery storage equipment. Additionally, we provided a smart monitoring system that allows the client to monitor the real-time operation and power usage of the system.


During installation, our team first evaluated the roof structure of the hotel to ensure the solar panels could be installed securely. Then, they followed the pre-designed layout to maximize solar exposure. 


Since installing the off-grid solar system, the hotel's operations have never been affected by unstable power. Moreover, due to solar power, the operating costs of the hotel have significantly reduced. The client highly praised our services and technologies and said they would recommend our products and services to other hotels.


Off-grid solar systems provide a reliable and environmentally friendly power solution for the hospitality industry in Cameroon. With technological advancements and cost reductions, we believe that off-grid solar systems will be more widely adopted in the region in the future.

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