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Cambodia 12kw solar system for home use
Published by TANFON SOLAR February 29,2024

The customer is located in Cambodia, an area rich in sunshine resources. Customers want to reduce their electricity bills through solar energy systems. The main loads are air conditioners and daily household appliances. Therefore, he specifically requested battery backup to ensure that when solar power generation is insufficient, it can automatically switch to mains power.


Based on the customer's actual needs and the roof pictures and design drawings provided, we customized 12kw home solar system for him. This system can not only meet customers' power needs, but also effectively utilize solar energy to save customers electricity bills.

Considering the sunlight conditions in Cambodia, we recommend customers to install solar panels on the roof and ensure sufficient angles to obtain optimal sunlight. We have four types of solar panel brackets to choose.


12kw solar system for home use


After receiving the goods, the customer successfully completed the installation of the system according to the installation instructions. After the installation was completed, the customer provided pictures and videos, and our engineers reconfirmed whether the system was installed correctly.


Cambodia 12kw solar system for home use

Customers are very satisfied with our solar systems and excellent service. Since installing the solar system, his electricity bill has dropped significantly. The battery backup also ensures the normal operation of important loads such as air conditioners when sunlight is insufficient. The customer also expressed special appreciation for the detailed installation instructions we provided, which enabled the electrician to complete the installation smoothly.


Overall, we successfully installed an efficient and reliable home solar system for our customer in Cambodia, which met his power needs and saved him considerable electricity bills.

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