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Select the car inverter 4 points for attention
Published by TANFON SOLAR August 02,2019

At present, with the increasing number of car owners, the relationship between inverter and car is becoming closer.When using all kinds of electronic devices, such as laptops, chargers, mobile phones, etc., in the car, suitable power interface is required.At present, only cars with high configuration are equipped with 220V ac power interface. If there is no such configuration on the car, the on-board inverter will be used to realize this function.

一、what is the car inverter?

In fact, the inverter is a kind of converter suitable for vehicle power supply, indirect is a kind of power conversion from direct current to alternating current, which can convert the car battery's 12V direct current to 220V alternating current.With the on-board inverter, the 220V power supply can be used in the car to charge laptops, ipads and other devices, and it can be connected to household appliances within a certain power range.In fact, the inverter is not a simple transformer, even the simplest inverter is composed of a complex circuit and multiple electrical components.

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二、What is the working principle of car inverter?

Generally, the on-board inverter is mainly composed of inverter bridge, filter circuit, control circuit, oscillator, etc. Its working principle is to convert the 12V dc supplied by the automobile battery into 30khz-50khz, 220V or so ac through the high-frequency PWM (pulse width modulation) switching power technology.Then, using bridge rectification, filtering, pulse width modulation and switching power output technologies, the ac current of 30kHz ~ 50kHz and 220V is converted to ac current of 50Hz and 220V.

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The simplest on-board inverter may only have a two-pin interface and a cigarette lighter power input interface from the outside, but its internal structure is also very complex.The internal circuit of the on-board inverter is equipped with MOS field effect tube, which will generate a certain amount of heat during work, so a radiator fin will be installed, and the inverter with large power will also be equipped with a small cooling fan.So we see that some of the more powerful inverters have a little fan on the outside.

1.Power selection

Looking at all kinds of inverter, how should we choose?First, we need to know which electrical equipment we need to use in the car, and then choose the inverter specifications according to their power.In addition, we must consider the fusing current of the automobile cigarette lighter fuse.
If the power of the electric appliance to be used exceeds 180W, the high-power inverter can be directly connected to the battery by using the battery connection wire. However, this method can only be used in an emergency and should not be used for a long time, otherwise it will cause damage to the battery itself.The output power of vehicle-mounted inverter must be greater than the use of electrical power, so as to ensure that it can be fully started.

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2、Output Interface

After the specification is selected, let's look at the output interface of the inverter itself.What use on a lot of electric equipment at present is 3 pin plug, there is the interface of a 3 hole on this need inverter, additional, the use of USB interface is not little also, so, had better choose 3 kinds of interface to have inverter.
Last month our engineers tested the purifier in dubai using a home inverter with only a two-pin socket, so we temporarily bought a patch board.If the inverter itself comes with three kinds of ports (two-pin, three-pin, USB), it will be more convenient to use.

3、Output waveform

In addition, according to the different output current waveform, the vehicle inverter is divided into pure sinusoidal inverter and modified sinusoidal inverter.Among them, pure sinusoidal inverter power supply stability, the common electrical appliances can basically drive well.However, the corrected sine wave is actually closer to the square wave, and the output current quality is poor, which will cause certain damage to some electrical equipment.
Although the price gap between the two types of inverter is large, but if it is a long-term use, we still recommend you to choose pure sinusoidal inverter.Because no matter what type of electrical equipment, when using pure sinusoidal inverter to power it, do not have too much worry.

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4、Protective function

When purchasing a car inverter, be sure to check whether it has overvoltage shutdown, undervoltage shutdown, overtemperature protection, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. These functions not only provide protection for the inverter itself. More importantly, it can avoid damage to the electrical equipment.

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