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How much do you know about the use of car inverter?
Published by TANFON SOLAR August 02,2019

1. Connect the equipment on the ac power side and then connect the equipment on the dc power side.That is, after the first access to the electrical equipment inverter, and then the car inverter plug into the cigarette lighter jack.Otherwise even if the inverter power switch is disconnected, the inverter internal may cause potential electric shock because of overvoltage.

2. If you want to use the battery line directly connected with the battery, be sure to watch positive and negative, do not connect the reverse (the red line clip battery positive, black line clip negative).Connect to the positive pole, and then connect to the negative pole, disassembly is the first to remove the negative pole, and then remove the positive pole.

3. Input and output end are connected, and then open the power switch, electrical appliances can be used.

car inverter

What should we pay attention to when using the on-board inverter

1. For the modified sinusoidal inverter, some charging equipment should not be connected with it, such as rechargeable flashlight, razor, searchlight and other electric equipment using nickel-cadmium battery, otherwise the charger may be damaged.Because of this, we have suggested in the previous article that it is best to buy a pure sinusoidal inverter.

2. When the inverter works for a long time, the surface temperature of the shell sometimes becomes very high, so it is necessary to ensure that there is good ventilation around it, avoiding direct sunlight or blocking the vent.

3. As the output of vehicle inverter is 220V ac power supply, it has far exceeded the safety voltage of human body (36V), which is fatal.Therefore, when the car inverter in the power on state, must be careful to be electrocuted, wet hands to avoid contact, do not insert foreign bodies into the socket.In addition, the inverter can not be used in a humid environment, to prevent flooding.

4. When not using the inverter, be sure to cut off the connection with the input power.On the one hand, for safety, on the other hand, because the inverter itself will have a certain power consumption, if the power is kept on for a long time, the battery might be exhausted.

Although many car electrical appliances can be used directly with cigarette lighter plug power supply, but still use some need 220V power supply of electrical equipment.Besides the notebook computer with highest use frequency and all sorts of charger besides, had inverter, can take a few home appliance completely in the car go using, for instance TV, DVD, game machine.But must pay attention to the safe use of matters, with the safety is the most important.

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