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Three points to choose solar inverters
Published by TANFON SOLAR July 16,2019

一、Look at the product appearance

The appearance here is not the exterior. As for the exterior of the product, it is the most unnecessary factor. You will not watch him sleep every day, and the experts all know it.

Product appearance includes input terminal, grounding terminal, cooling fan position, output socket position and direction, bypass input wiring mode, remote switch, display head and so on.

Mainly according to your installation location, application requirements to choose, such as the input terminal wiring is convenient, whether it is firm, the terminal current is enough, if it is applied to mobile devices to consider the fixed way, if the installation environment is special, consider the inverse The airflow direction of the transformer cooling fan must be downstream. The output socket is also very particular. If it is a three-hole socket, you will find that the 90-degree plug is not easy to use when the single hole is on. Bypass wiring is generally recommended in the form of a lock terminal. It is mainly to prevent unnecessary risks such as damage to the inverter or equipment caused by poor contact caused by vibration or abnormality. If it is a relatively stable environment, such as the equipment room, etc. It is convenient to use the plug. The remote switch is suitable for the solar inverter to be installed in the cabinet, but it is usually used when switching the inverter.

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二、Look at the electrical specifications

This is very important. The electrical specification table is generally comprehensive, output power, instantaneous power, input voltage range, efficiency, waveform distortion, output voltage stability, corresponding to your project requirements, the specification lists whether it is You are in need. There is still a difference in the specifications provided by each company. As shown in the above figure, the output frequency is adjustable, the output voltage is adjustable, it is very convenient for the user, adapt to different loads to set it yourself.

The circuit of each inverter is not the same. What is important is whether it can drive inductive load, mixed load, etc., how strong the load capacity is, and whether the protection function is complete, you should also consider it. Only when testing is done, it is not difficult to find out where the difference is. According to your project, the working temperature and storage temperature range are selected. Now the temperature is usually 0~40 degrees. According to the specifications of Tanfon inverter, you can basically -20~50 degrees, the actual measurement can be -30~55 degrees, which is a relatively advanced level in the industry.

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三、Look at internal device layout and use components

Some friends may say that I don't know how to look at it. But at the very least, the components inside are neat, there are no relevant jumpers, and the same specification of the device has no different colors or different manufacturers' brands, whether the components are damaged or not, the internal process is good or bad. The impact on product quality is still great. A basic friend can see if the manufacturer of his components is a qualified company, and whether the board layout meets the safety requirements. The following is still based on the Tanfon inverter. There is a difference in comparison. The details are very important. I believe I can help you.

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In short, you should choose the right inverter for yourself, it is not expensive, and it is not cheap. Inverters that meet the requirements of the project can be considered comprehensively. Some friends said that I wanted to choose the inverter that meets the requirements. I finally found that the price was too expensive. I want to be cheap and good. Here to say, there is no such product in the world, this is the manufacturer, the seller understands the truth, you have seen several high-end products discount sales, never cut prices, so it is most important for you.

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