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What is the connection between solar inverter and photovoltaic power generation?

With the continuous expansion of the application scale and scope of photovoltaic power generation, the demand of photovoltaic market for solar inverter increases rapidly.

At the same time, high quality and low cost solar inverter products gradually become the photovoltaic system developers and the majority of users concerned about the problem.Solar inverter is an important application of power electronics technology.Power electronics technology is a comprehensive technology of mutual penetration and organic combination of power, electronics, automatic control, semiconductor and other technologies.Therefore, solar inverter involves a wide range of knowledge and technical content.

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From the perspective of photovoltaic power generation system application, the basic working principle of solar inverter and the composition of circuit system are briefly introduced.

In recent years, with the increasing number of "small home appliances" products, more and more people are using rechargeable batteries, many families have small battery charger.The core component of the charger is the rectifier, whose function is to convert 50 cycles of alternating current into direct current.Solar inverters, as opposed to rectifiers, convert direct current to alternating current.This inverse process corresponding to rectification is called "inverse".Solar cells generate direct current when exposed to sunlight. However, systems that supply direct current have significant limitations.For example: fluorescent lamp, TV, freezer, electric fan all cannot use direct current power supply directly, great majority power machinery also is such. In addition, when the power supply system needs to increase the voltage or reduce the voltage, the ac system only needs to add a transformer, and in the dc system to rise and fall the voltage technology and device is much more complex.Therefore, except for special users, solar inverter is required in photovoltaic power generation system.The inverter also has the function of automatic or manual voltage regulation, which can improve the power supply quality of photovoltaic power generation system.To sum up, solar inverter has become an indispensable and important supporting equipment in photovoltaic power generation system.

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