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Two main factors determine the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic solar inver

Solar inverter principle is to use triode as class a amplifier, at the moment a plug in, the equivalent of a signal is sent to the triode amplifier, amplified signal was feedback amplifier self-excited, finally by the transformer, can only say that class a amplifier, maximum efficiency is only 50%, while only 30% actually, is this experiment proved that, can't be greater than 50%, because the triode working in class a, mainly in order to ensure smooth sine wave ac voltage, triode switch tube, though it is but the work is put district, class a amplifier efficiency is low, if working in switch area, thoughRate increase, but voltage waveform is not sine wave solar inverter,the general appliance is harmful.

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What is the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic solar inverter? In fact,the conversion rate of photovoltaic inverters refers to the efficiency of inverters to convert the electricity generated by solar panels into electricity.In photovoltaic power generation system, solar inverters play the role of converting the direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current and sending the alternating current to the power grid of the power company. The conversion efficiency of inverters is high, and the amount of electricity for home use and sale can be increased.

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There are two main factors that determine the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic inverter:

First, when the dc current is replaced by the ac sine wave, the power semiconductor circuit should be used to switch the dc current. At this time, the power semiconductor heating will lead to losses. However, by improving the design of the switching circuit, this loss can be reduced to the minimum.

Second, the inverter control experience to improve efficiency.The output current and voltage of the solar panel will change with sunlight and temperature, while the inverter can control the current and voltage in an optimal way, so that it can reach the maximum electrical force. In other words, the shorter the time it takes to find the optimal power point, the higher the conversion efficiency will be.The control characteristics of inverters vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and their conversion efficiency varies.For example, some inverters have high conversion efficiency at the maximum power output, but low conversion efficiency at the low power output.Others maintain average conversion efficiency from low power output to high power output.Therefore, the matching between the inverter and the output characteristics of the solar panel should be considered when selecting the solar inverter.

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