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Clean energy (wind and solar ) changes lives
Published by TANFON SOLAR February 28,2024

Mr. Terry we started the cooperation since 2021 , This customer is very satisfied with our product and has excellent results. As time went on, his energy needs increased and he hoped to further improve efficiency by introducing wind energy. Based on his family's load needs, we configured him with an additional 3KW wind turbine, making his energy system a perfect combination of 2KW solar + 3KW wind energy. By adding wind turbines, it can not only generate electricity from sunlight during the day, but can also rely on the wind at night to continue producing electricity. Let him have power to use in 24 hrs! 



We are very excited to announce that this enhanced energy system is working great on his home! Not only does his home continue to use clean energy, it also provides more power for the appliances used in the home. His satisfaction and trust have made him a loyal customer of ours and introduced us to a new customer from Uganda this year.


This customer from Uganda saw firsthand the huge benefits of a solar system we installed in a customer’s home in Kenya. He saw them save a lot on their electricity bills and enjoy clean, renewable energy. Deeply inspired, he decided to purchase a 5KW hybrid solar wind system for his home to lay a solid and sustainable foundation for the future.



If you already have the solar panel , want to add the wind turbine, pls feel free to contact with us . Our professional salespeople will tailor-make and recommend suitable wind turbine configurations for you based on the wind speed conditions in your area. Whether you are in a coastal area or a high wind zone, we can provide you with the best solution to ensure you make the most of your local natural resources.

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