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The Light of Kenya: Creating the Brilliance of the Solar Energy Industry Togethe
Published by TANFON SOLAR February 29,2024

In the distant continent of East Africa, Kenya, there is a story about the intertwining of China and Kenya, ideals and reality. The protagonist of the story, a university professor, formed an indissoluble bond with us during his trip to China in 2018.


That year, she and her husband set foot on Chinese soil with strong interest and expectations in solar technology. They come to our exhibitions to find solutions that can bring clean, sustainable energy to Kenya. Ultimately, they chose a 5kw solar system to power their home. The system worked so well that it not only met their power needs but also impressed upon them the potential of solar energy.



The university professor was not satisfied with this. She sees huge market potential for solar technology in Kenya and also sees a sense of responsibility in providing clean energy to local communities. Therefore, she and her husband decided to devote themselves to the solar energy industry and contribute to the sustainable development of Kenya.


Recently, her husband contacted us to share their new progress. They have registered a new company in Kenya, Kenya Tanfo, and carefully organized personnel in various positions to prepare to flex their muscles in the new energy field. We are truly happy for them and have given them our full support and empowerment.



Kenya Tanfo's goal is to provide quality services and products to Kenyan customers. They know that only by truly understanding and meeting customer needs can they gain a foothold in the new energy market. They hope to work with us to open up new horizons for Kenya's new energy industry.

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