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Customers in Kenya have been very positive feedback about our Gel battery
Published by TANFON SOLAR February 29,2024

Earlier, he purchased a 5KW gel battery solar system from the local solar market for his new house. However, after about half a year of installation and use of this system, his battery got hot and alarmed, and the machine prompted a malfunction and could no longer be used. This distressed him.


Afterwards, he found us from Alibaba. After a comprehensive understanding of the voltage and configuration of his original system, we recommended that he purchase four 12V/200AH gel batteries for replacement. The battery voltage was the same as his original system voltage of 48VDC. In this way, his old system can still be used, but the battery needs to be replaced. We also conduct battery compatibility testing before leaving the factory, so as to minimize the installation failure problems at the customer's end, and at the same time, it can also save costs for the customer.



He had received the battery 3 months ago and connected it to his original solar system for use, and the feedback was satisfactory.

What impressed us most about the customer’s feedback was that he was very satisfied with the performance and quality of the newly purchased gel battery. With their outstanding performance and reliability, these batteries provide long-lasting energy storage for solar systems.



In addition to the good performance of our products, our company is also committed to providing excellent customer service. This customer spoke highly of our company's performance in communication, installation and after-sales service. We are always customer-centric and do our best to ensure that they receive comprehensive support and a satisfactory experience during the purchase and use process.



Finally, we would like to thank this client for his recommendation and word-of-mouth recommendation of our company. His positive comments helped us win the trust of more potential customers and make more people aware of the value of our products and services. We will continue to work hard to continuously improve and innovate to meet our customers' needs and ensure that our products and services exceed their expectations.

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