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6 common faults of solar grid tie inverters
Published by TANFON SOLAR September 25,2019

1. Low insulation impedance
Use elimination.String solar grid tie inverters input side group all pull out, and then connected one by using the inverter switch on detection of insulation impedance function, detection problem set of strings, find the problem after the group list key to check whether there is water dc connector nipple stents or burning-out short sub, you also can check whether the component itself is in the edge shading burning cause components through the border Leakage of electricity to the ground grid.

solar grid tie inverters

2. Bus voltage is low
If it occurs in the early/late period, it is a normal problem, because the solar grid tie inverter is trying the limit of power generation conditions.If it occurs in normal daytime, the test method is still the exclusion method, and the test method is the same as item 1.

solar grid tie inverters common faults

3. Leakage current fault
The root cause of this kind of problem is the installation quality problem, which is caused by the wrong installation location and low-quality equipment.There are many points of failure: low quality dc connector, low quality components, assembly height unqualified, low quality on grid equipment or water leakage, but a similar problem, can be found in the powder leakage and insulation work to solve the problem, if it is material this saves problem to be able to change material only.

4. Dc overvoltage protection
As the components pursue high efficiency process improvement, the power level is constantly updated and rising, and the open circuit voltage and working voltage of the components are also rising, so the temperature coefficient must be considered in the design stage to avoid the hard damage of the equipment caused by overvoltage in the case of low temperature.

on grid solar inverter


5. No response when the inverter is started up
Please make sure that the dc input line is not connected backwards. Generally, the dc connector has anti-freeze effect, but the wire terminal has no anti-freeze effect.The solar grid tie inverters has built-in reverse circuit protection and starts normally after the normal wiring is restored.

6. Power grid failure
May occur network overvoltage, network undervoltage, network overvoltage/underfrequency, network no voltage, the network is equal to the fault, check the on grid circuit, missing phase circuit

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