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What should I do if the inverter power supply module fails?
Published by TANFON SOLAR September 26,2019

Inverter power supply module has the characteristics of high reliability, which has been widely used in communication, military, electric power and other fields.In the process of operation, there may be some failures, which may cause the system to fail to start or burn down the circuit. How to remove the fault when the inverter power supply module appears?
Input voltage is too high
For inverter power supply mode input parameters abnormal - input voltage is too high.This anomaly can cause the system to fail to work properly or burn down the circuit.What are the common causes of high input voltage?

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The output end is suspended or unloaded;
The output load is too light, less than 10% of the rated load;
High input voltage or disturbing voltage.
For such problems, the load of the output terminal or the size of the input voltage can be adjusted, as shown below:
Ensure that the output end is not less than 10% of the rated load. If there is no load in the practical circuit operation, connect the output end with a 10% of the rated power false load.
Replace an input voltage of a reasonable size. If there is a disturbance voltage, please consider the TVS tube or voltage regulator on the input side.

Output voltage is too low
For inverter power supply mode abnormal output parameters - output voltage is too low.This may cause the whole system cannot work normally, for example, the microcontroller body system, the load suddenly increases, will pull the power supply voltage of the humble controller, easy to form reset.In addition, the life of the circuit will be greatly damaged when the inverter works for a long time under the condition of low input voltage.Thus the output voltage is biased Low problem is not to be ignored, then the output voltage is too low generally what causes?
Low input voltage or lack of power;
Output line is too long or too thin, forming line loss too large;
The voltage drop of the input terminal is too large.
Input filter inductance is too large.

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For such problems, power supply can be adjusted or corresponding peripheral circuit can be replaced to improve, as shown below in detail:
Increase the voltage or switch to more power input inverter power;
Adjust the wiring, increase the conductor section area or shorten the length of the conductor, reduce the internal resistance;
Switch to a diode with small conduction pressure drop;
Decrease the value of filter inductance or decrease the internal resistance of inductance.
Excessive output noise
For inverter mode abnormal output parameters - output ripple noise is too large.As we all know, noise is the one big key target that weighs inverter power supply module is good or bad, in applying circuit, the program layout of the
module also can affect output noise, so is output ripple noise too big what reason forms commonly?

The inverter power supply module is too close to the noise sensor of the main circuit.
The input end of the inverter power supply of the main circuit noise sensitive element is not connected with decoupling capacitance.
In the multi-channel system, the difference frequency disturbance occurs between the single output inverter modules.
Ground handling is not reasonable.
For this kind of problem, it can be improved by blocking the module from noise equipment or using decoupling capacitance in the main circuit, as follows:
The inverter power module should be separated from the main circuit noise sensitive element or the module from the main circuit noise sensitive element as far as possible.
The input end of the inverter power supply of the main circuit noise sensitive elements (such as A/D, D/A or MCU, etc.) is connected with 0.1 muf decoupling capacitor.
A single output inverter module is used to replace multiple single output modules to eliminate differential frequency disturbance. Select remote point grounding, reduce the area of ground loop.

Poor voltage resistance of inverter power supply
As for the abnormal mode performance parameters of inverter power supply, the inverter power supply module has poor voltage resistance.In general, the withstand voltage of blocking inverter power module is as high as several thousand volts, but it may not reach the target in the process of application or test. Then what factors will greatly reduce its withstand voltage ability?
The voltage withstand test instrument has overshoot on starting;
The barrier voltage value of the selected module is not good;
Reflow welding and hot air gun are frequently used in repair.
For this kind of problem, it can be improved through standard test and standard application, as shown in detail below:
Voltage increases gradually during withstand voltage test.
Select inverter power module with high withstand voltage;
When welding inverter power supply module, the appropriate temperature should be selected to prevent repeated welding and damage the inverter power supply module.

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