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14 major precautions for 10kw single phase inverters use
Published by TANFON SOLAR September 26,2019

1. Dc voltage should be consistent
Each 10kw single phase inverter has a dc voltage value, such as 12V, 24V, etc.
The selected voltage must be consistent with the inverter dc input voltage.For example, a 12V inverter must choose 12V.

2, the output power of the 10kw single phase inverters must be greater than the power of electrical appliances, especially for the start of the power of electrical appliances, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, but also leave a larger margin.

3. The positive and negative poles must be connected correctly
10kw single phase inverters access dc voltage marked positive and negative.Red for positive (+), black for negative (-), battery is also marked with positive and negative, red for positive (+), black for negative (-), connection must be positive (red red), negative (black black).The connecting wire must be thick enough to minimize the length of the connecting wire.

4, should be placed in a ventilated, dry place, beware of rain, and the surrounding objects have a distance of more than 20cm, away from inflammable and explosive goods, by all means do not place or cover other items on the machine, use the environment temperature is not more than 40℃.

10kw single phase inverter

5. Charging and inverting cannot be conducted simultaneously.That is, the inverter can not plug the charging plug into the 10kw single phase inverters output electrical circuit.

6. The interval between two starts up shall be no less than 5 seconds (cut off the input power).

7. Please wipe with dry cloth or anti-static cloth to keep the machine clean and tidy.

8. Before connecting the input and output of the machine, please ground the shell of the machine correctly.

9. To avoid accidents, users are strictly forbidden to open the case for operation and use.

10. If the machine is suspected to be in trouble, please do not continue to operate and use it.
The input and output should be cut off in time and checked and maintained by qualified maintenance personnel or maintenance units.

11, in connection with the battery, make sure that there is no other metal hand, in order to avoid battery short circuit, burns the human body.

12. Operating environment: based on safety and performance considerations, the installation environment shall meet the following conditions:
1) dryness: cannot be soaked or soaked in rain;
2) cool and cool: the temperature is between 0℃ and 40℃;
3) ventilation: keep there is no foreign body within 5CM of the shell, and other end faces are well ventilated.

single phase inverter

13. Installation and use method
1) put the converter switch in the OFF position, and then insert the cigar end into the cigarette lighter socket in the car to ensure that it is in place and in good contact;
2) confirm that the power of all electrical appliances can be used only when the power is below the g-ice nominal power. Insert the 220V plug of the electrical appliances directly into the 220V socket at the end of the converter, and ensure that the total power of all connected electrical appliances in the two sockets is within the g-ice nominal power;
3) turn on the converter switch, and the green indicator light is on, indicating normal operation.
4) the red indicator light is on, indicating that the converter is turned off due to overvoltage/undervoltage/overload/overtemperature.
5) in many cases, due to the limited output of the cigarette lighter socket, the converter will alarm or turn off during normal use. At this time, it can be restored to normal as long as the vehicle is started or the power is reduced.

14. Matters needing attention
1) the power of the TV set, monitor and motor reaches the peak when it is started.
Although the converter can withstand a peak power of twice the nominal power, the peak power of some eligible appliances may exceed the peak output power of the converter, triggering an overload protection and turning off the current.This may happen if several appliances are driven simultaneously. In this case, switch off the appliances first, turn on the converter switch, then turn on the appliances one by one, and turn on the appliances with the highest peak value first.
2) in the process of use, the battery voltage start falling, when the converter DC input voltage to 10.4-11 V, alarms peak chirp, the computer or other sensitive electrical appliances should be closed in time, if ignore the alarm, converter was in 9.7 10.3 V voltage, automatic shut off, so that you can avoid battery be overdischarge, power protection off patrol, the red light is lit up.
3) the vehicle should be started in time to charge the battery, to prevent power failure, affecting the start of the car and battery life;
4) although the converter has no overvoltage protection function, the input voltage exceeds 16V, it may still damage the converter;
5) after continuous use, the temperature of the shell surface will rise to 60℃. Please pay attention to the unobstructed air flow and keep away from objects susceptible to high temperature.

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