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How to choose the right solar inverter with mppt charge controller?
Published by TANFON SOLAR October 10,2019

Today, solar controller is no longer a strange word. It is commonly used in solar power generation system to provide load power supply for inverter and to charge the accumulator.So what should we choose solar inverter with mppt charge controller when we use it?

solar inverter with mppt charge controller

First of all, we should choose a panel with a higher configuration, so that the voltage when exiting the protection can be set a little lower according to their own needs, the voltage of the battery will be normal, and the solar inverter with mppt charge controller can be used normally.The second is the problem of heat dissipation, the solar charge controller can be used to get good heat dissipation will extend its service life. Now more and more consumers are not satisfied with the efficiency of the output time period of the existing products. Therefore, we can choose the appropriate solar inverter with mppt charge controller according to our own needs, change its output time period according to the needs, and set its closing time, which can greatly reduce the cost.

5kw solar charge controller

The second is line loss compensation, which is difficult to control at the present stage, because it requires the control of software equipment, and then compensation according to different line length and diameter.Under the condition of low voltage, the line loss function is very important, because when the voltage is low, the line loss will increase, and then the output voltage will be lower than the input voltage, which will lead to a smaller capacity of the storage device.

5kw solar charge controller

Therefore, in our actual selection, we should choose the cable which is not very thin, and the length of the cable should also be moderate.
So, when choosing a solar inverter with mppt charge controller, we should choose the controller suitable for us according to its required performance.At present, more and more improvements have been made in terms of user requirements, with the purpose of providing more and better choices for customers.


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