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Why to realize the diversity of solar inverters?
Published by TANFON SOLAR November 11,2019

Why to realize the diversity of solar power inverters in the process of manufacturing solar inverters, more and more places they have realized the diversity; Why will have this kind of trend, car inverter, sine wave inverter, electric car inverter, which has a variety of reasons, to do analysis, clear of these situations, so some security to better use of all, so you must want to advance to be more understanding, you can better use them.

The main purpose of solar inverter diversification is to improve conversion efficiency. Different places will have different specific conditions. If we want to achieve better conversion efficiency, we should choose according to local conditions.Better conversions, which are guaranteed by solar power and reduce initial construction costs, are important everywhere.

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The diversity of buildings in the city, we want to make better use of solar energy, it should also take into account the beauty of various buildings.After true realization diversification, this also can have more safeguard to aesthetic sex.Rv inverter, ice cream machine inverter, (electric car inverter), LED advertising car inverter now on the market has a variety of different models of solar inverter is to meet the needs of various places, so to achieve such an effect, so as to ensure the future use of the situation.

In general, in the future development of solar inverters, diversity of applications is a very important trend.We can really have more types, and have more styles, which can not only guarantee the practicability and improve the efficiency of transformation, but also guarantee the aesthetics, and truly achieve both.After achieving these aspects, then the future use can ensure the aesthetic and functional.

Function of solar inverter

Inverter not only has direct alternating current transformation function, but also has the maximum limit to develop the function of solar cell function and system fault maintenance function.Summed up to have active operation and shutdown function, maximum power tracking control function, prevent independent operation function (grid-connected system with), active voltage adjustment function (grid-connected system with), dc detection function (grid-connected system with), dc grounding detection function (grid-connected system with).Here briefly introduced active operation and shutdown function and maximum power tracking control function.

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1. Active operation and shutdown function: after sunrise in the morning, solar radiation intensity is gradually strengthened, and the output of solar cells is also increased. When the output power required by the inverter task is reached, the inverter starts to operate actively.After entering operation, the inverter will take care of the output of the solar cell module every moment. As long as the output power of the solar cell module is larger than the output power required by the inverter task, the inverter will continue to operate.Shut down until sunset, the inverter can operate even in rainy weather.When the output of the solar cell module is small and the output of the inverter is close
to 0, the inverter will form a standby mode.

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2. Maximum power tracking control function: the output of the solar cell module is changed with the solar radiation intensity and the temperature of the solar cell module itself (chip temperature).Because solar cell modules have the characteristic that voltage decreases with the increase of current, there is an optimal task point to obtain the maximum power.The intensity of solar radiation is changing, and obviously the optimal mission point is changing.Related to these transitions, keep the solar cell module's task point at the maximum power point, and the system keeps getting the maximum power output from the solar cell module. This control is the maximum power tracking control.Solar power generation system with the biggest characteristic of the inverter is including the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) this function.

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