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Is it better to install the solar inverter for home outdoors or indoors?
Published by TANFON SOLAR November 11,2019

Solar power generation as a new project,it is entering thousands of households, it can be said that a class of household appliances, but also an investment product, is a class of environmental protection products.But since it's not that long ago, a lot of people don't know much about photovoltaic power, and they ask all kinds of questions, have you ever encountered these questions about solar inverter for home?

solar inverter for home

Q1: the solar inverter for home is dirty. Can you clean it with a wet towel?Can I wash it?

A: the inverter is live, do not wipe it with a wet towel or wash it with water.If the surface of the inverter is dirty, it is necessary to disconnect all the ac and dc points, pull out all the connecting terminals, and wait 5-10 minutes before you can dip the dry towel in the organic volatile cleaning agent.

Q2: my home has a child, very naughty, often climb up the player to use solar inverter for home, can have an accident?

A: when the solar inverter is working, it is charged, and will generate heat. It is strictly forbidden for children to operate the inverter, in case of danger!

Q3: will there be any radiation when the household inverter is installed indoors and will it affect people's health?

A: the inverter is CQC(national quality certification center) after strict inspection and qualified, there is no radiation hazard, will not affect health.

Q4: I heard that the inverter can connect to GPRS, so can I access the Internet through the solar inverter for home?

A: when the inverter is connected to GPRS, it uploads data through GPRS. It does not have the function of router and cannot transmit wi-fi signal.

Q5: can the four buttons on the display screen of the solar inverter for home be pressed freely? What should I do in case I mess up?

A: the button on the inverter is for the customer to check the parameters of the solar inverter.If you accidentally press the wrong key, you can also restore the inverter to its previous operating state by consulting the after-sales staff or reading the manual.

Pure sine wave off grid solar inverter

Q6: the connection line of the inverter was bitten off by a mouse. What should I do?

A: if the inverter cable is bitten off, please call the after-sales staff immediately to deal with it on site.Do not dispose of it without permission to avoid danger.

Q7: the inverter is so expensive. If it is installed outdoors, will it be stolen by thieves?

A: photovoltaic inverter will generally add anti-theft device

Q8: found photovoltaic good money, I secretly bought a few photovoltaic panels, since a good installation connected to the inverter?

A: the principle is ok (the company that some areas need to have installation qualification undertakes project to install ability to be able to apply for be connected to the net), but for the reliability of safety and installation quality, invite professional personage to install.

Q9: the position of the photovoltaic inverter in my home is not good in feng shui. Can I take it down by myself and install it in a good position in feng shui?

A: the inverter should not be installed in the following position:
1. In the position of direct sunlight exposure,
2. Poorly ventilated position
3. Location subject to rain
4. Surround yourself with clutter.Please help yourself to the rest.

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