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Two key factors affecting the efficiency of the household inverter

The conversion efficiency of the solar household inverter refers to the efficiency of the inverter to convert the electricity generated by the solar panel into electric power. In the photovoltaic power generation system, the conversion efficiency of the solar household inverter is directly related to the amount of power generation. In addition to technical challenges, problems with inverter conversion efficiency need to be avoided.

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First, when converting DC current into AC sine wave, it is necessary to use a circuit using a power semiconductor to switch the DC current. At this time, the power semiconductor heats up to cause loss, but by reducing the design of the switching circuit, the loss can be reduced to a minimum.

Second, the efficiency of the solar household inverter control is used to improve efficiency. The output current and voltage of the solar panel will change with sunshine and temperature, and the inverter can optimally control the current and voltage to achieve the maximum amount of power, that is, the best time can be found in the shorter time. Power points, the conversion efficiency will be higher. The control characteristics of the inverter vary depending on the product of each manufacturer, and the conversion efficiency is also different. For example, some inverters have high conversion efficiency even at the maximum power output, but the conversion efficiency is low at low power output; there is also an average conversion efficiency from low power output to high power output. Therefore, when selecting a solar household inverter, it is necessary to consider the matching with the output characteristics of the solar panel to be installed.

household inverter

Every 0.1% increase in efficiency of the solar household inverter implies that a lot of efforts by R&D personnel are required. Various technical researches are needed in various aspects such as R&D and testing, which represents the highest level of efficiency in the industry. Starting from the multi-faceted design details, we can guarantee the power generation revenue of PV power plant investors.

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