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How to connect solar inverter and solar controller?
Published by TANFON SOLAR August 15,2019

Solar inverter: a power conversion device that converts the direct current energy generated by the photovoltaic array into alternating current.Solar controller: the basic function is similar to the voltage regulator, to protect the battery from overcharge and discharge.

Off grid 10kw solar inverter three phase IGBT 20kw inverter-98

The following TANFON solar inverter manufacturers on the detailed introduction:

The connection between solar inverter and solar controller requires intermediate storage devices to be connected. Generally, batteries are selected. The solar controller is connected to the battery for charging.

Tanfon series pv array combiner box

Solar controller is divided into combination logic controller and microprogram controller.The design of combined-logic controller is troublesome and complex. Once the design is completed, it cannot be modified or expanded, but it is fast.Microprogram controller is easy to design, simple structure, easy to modify or expand, modify the function of a machine instruction, just reprogramming the corresponding microprogram;To add a machine instruction, simply add a microprogram to the control memory, but it does so by executing a microprogram.The specific comparison is as follows: the combination logic controller, also known as hardwired controller, is composed of logic circuits and completely relies on the hardware to realize the function of instructions.

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