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What type of wave solar inverter should we choose?
Published by TANFON SOLAR July 30,2019

For the working principle of wave solar inverter, we should have a clear concept first, so that it's convenient for us to make full use of this new type of inverter, and improve the working efficiency of the inverter with the maximum performance. However, the wave solar inverter has the output of square wave, and the difference between the wave output division, square wave output inverter work efficiency, although it can be used in many electrical appliances, most electrical appliances are not suitable for using, sometimes the index will be changed.

The performance of the pure sine wave inverter is very good, it can bring us the use of kind of electrical equipments, the largest protection function, and it is a sine wave output of an inverter type, it is widely used in television, Refrigerators, induction cooker, electric fans, microwave ovens, air conditioning and other household electrical appliances equipments, it comes with microcomputer control technology more accurate optimal good and made his own product performance is very superior, it super wide input voltage range value, and high precision of output conditions, accompanied by, the operating system of the automatic voltage regulator, gave us the current input and output of the safety performance guarantee, built-in protection function, improve the reliability of the using.

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When we use pure sine wave inverter products, we must pay attention to the correct operation method, so that the relevant products can be used within a safe range. First of all, we open the package first. Check that the various accessories of this type of inverter are incomplete. Perform the relevant installation in a ventilated and clean environment. When installing, we must confirm the DC power supply output voltage and the battery voltage. Whether the DC output voltage required by the inverter we selected is consistent, and the relevant installation is determined later.

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As connecting a sine wave inverter, we must confirm the positive and negative polarity of the power supply. Under normal circumstances, the high potential is positive and the low potential is negative. After confirming, the installation can be performed, which ensures the correctness of our installation. . After the correct installation of your toilet, after inserting the banana input cable into the chassis, the other end is plugged into the electrical socket for power-on. First, perform experimental operation to ensure that the installation is correct and then use high-power work. Operating conditions will make our inverters more reliable and provide our safety.

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