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What are the links between wind power systems and on grid solar inverters?

Speaking of wind power system, I believe most people will not be unfamiliar with it.But if this word and on grid solar inverters in the same breath, believe there are many people do not understand. What are the necessary links between these two seemingly inconsistent words? The answer is yes.

Before explaining, let's take a brief look at the common characteristics of wind power systems, which will help us to promote the relationship between the two. The first common wind power system is by designing a control system in parallel with the grid, which is a PWM inverter control system that we rarely hear. From a professional point of view, this control system implements control of the wind power system by using current instantaneous values. Therefore, the on grid solar inverter can be said to be the most important component of the microcomputer control system that constitutes this wind power generation system. In the practice of scientific data, we can see that the inverter control system plays an indispensable role in the operation and power supply of the wind power system.

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With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the development and improvement of wind power system is also advancing, and it is for this reason that wind power generation is just the way to meet people's demand for renewable energy.Therefore, with the increasing improvement of the national power generation technology, the application of on grid solar inverters is also increasingly extensive.In order to ensure the best efficiency of wind power generation, we need to use a good inverter control technology, so as to effectively improve the voltage and frequency of wind power generation, and improve the power fluctuation measures and performance to the best.

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