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Component solar Inverter - the most widely used on grid solar inverter
Published by TANFON SOLAR July 30,2019

As a basic on grid solar inverter, the component inverter is believed to be the best known inverter. component inverters are the most widely used inverters in China and internationally. As the grid-connected inverter is based on the modular concept of the photovoltaic industry, each component unit will be equipped with a corresponding inverter. Therefore, even a large-scale photovoltaic power plant can achieve a high-efficiency power supply under the AC power supply voltage without being affected by the outside world. If DC power is used, it can also effectively increase the power generation by utilizing the characteristics of the best matching point of the PV module and the inverter, thus effectively reducing the cost and safety of the power generation control system. It is a very reliable microcomputer. Control System. So as a basic inverter, what are the more common applications of component inverters in our daily life?

on grid inverter 30kw-100kw

Since on grid solar inverters sometimes cannot operate individually, we need to use multiple components of inverters at this time. Different from the string inverter, the combined photovoltaic inverter is formed by several inverters to form a photoelectric combination, thereby implementing one or even several inverters to operate simultaneously, and the power generation control system The reliability is effectively improved to a new level. Therefore, in many large enterprises or developed countries, this form of inverter is more suitable for high-intensity labor, and therefore occupy a leading position in the photovoltaic industry.

In general, each component of the on grid solar inverter has a separate maximum power peak tracking, so that the effective coordination of the inverter and the components can be ensured, so that the two can better complete the small-scale power station. Operation. However, in terms of its power generation efficiency, it is still far lower than the string inverter. why? Because the component inverter generally completes the cooperation with the inverter through a single component, and the component is realized by one or more, thereby solving the larger power supply.

Although as a small-scale on grid solar inverter, component inverters are still widely used. Because in our daily life, there are still quite a lot of household appliances and so on that inverters of such components are needed. Because the power is much smaller than other component inverters or multi-string inverters, it also has good security and reliability. So it is an ideal inverter. In addition, the matching of the component inverter and the household voltage is matched, so that it can be connected with the power generating device and the socket of the ordinary household user to complete the system control of the home appliance.

on grid inverter 5000w

The multi-component inverter avoids the shortcomings of the ordinary on grid solar inverter, and thus can be generally applied to some power plants with a large power generation scale. Commonly used are photovoltaic power plants of more than kilowatts. Due to the characteristics of the multi-component inverter, several common DC power sources can be quickly converted into AC power at the same time, which is widely favored by large power stations and manufacturers, and has been well received.

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