Why customer needs low frequency inverter to replace his high frequency inverter
Published by TANFON SOLAR May 10,2019

As we all know, inverter is the heart of the solar system. And there are high frequency and low frequency inverter in the market, with difference advantage and disadvantage.

We have a customer, he has a high frequency inverter in hand, but he wants to buy our low frequency inverter to replace exist.

Here is his feed back of the exist high frequency inverter:

low frequency inverter

He doesn’t like the high frequency inverter because there is no copper transformer built inside, that’s why the weight is light and working not stable.

low frequency inverter

This is our low frequency inverter, with large transformer built inside, make sure output stable and strong and reliable.

low frequency inverter

Here is another customer feedback on the high frequency inverter.

low frequency inverter

He believes that electrical device is better with large components and heavy weight.

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