What is a solar inverter ?
Published by FOSHAN TANFON ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD September 26,2019

An solar inverter is a critical piece of equipment in any PV system. The inverter takes DC power, either from your solar panels or batteries, and turns it into AC power, ready and usable for your household appliances.

Grid-tie and off-grid solar systems use different types of solar inverter.

Solar grid tie inverter in on grid solar system

Solar Grid Tie Inverter

In a grid-tied system, solar panels connect directly to an inverter which ties into your main household electrical panel. It sends power into the home to run appliances and turns back the meter with excess energy.

Off Grid Solar Inverter in off grid solar system

Off Grid Solar Inverter

The off grid solar inverter is connected to the battery pack and the DC battery power is replaced with a home AC power source. An off grid solar inverter can be used with 12v, 24v or 48v battery packs.

For smaller inverters, the AC output is typically 110V / 220Vac. For larger units, the AC output is typically 110V / 120V / 220V / 230V / 240VAC output. We will configure the appropriate inverter for you according to the corresponding system. We also sell export 110V, 220VAC 50HZ or 60HZ inverters for systems in other areas.

Some off grid solar inverters have an extra connection that allows them to operate like a solar grid tie inverter and output power to the grid. This can be very useful if you start out of the network but plan the power line in the future, or if you live in an area where public power is not reliable.

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