What is a portable solar inverter?
Published by TANFON SOLAR June 06,2019

This portable solar inverter is off grid solar power inverter as well, which is function same as off grid solar power inverter and plus more function.

  1. The solar charge controller and inverter with AGM free maintenance battery together.
  2. Completely controlled by CPU.
  3. Inverter use copper transformer, pure sine wave output.
  4. Have 5V,12V DC output
  5. Two LCD displays, clearly to know the status.  
  6. Have bypass function and AC charger (UPS function)
  7. Protect against anti-charge at night, battery over charger/over discharge, output short-circuit, against overload, against over-voltage, over-current protection ,etc.

Are you still worrying about not being able to light for a long time at night when you camping?

portable solar inverter

Are you having trouble with your mobile phone, the computer can't be used for a long time, and the charging treasure doesn't have enough power to charge the phone and the computer, and there is no place to charge them?

Are you still thinking how able to electricity for a long time camping use?

Now, Tanfon portable solar inverter has a way to help you solve this problem. As long as you charge it with solar panels during the day and then you will have enough electricity at night.If you have a green generator with you. The electricity is inexhaustible and the use of it is endless. Mobile phones, computers and lighting can be used continuously.

portable solar inverter

When you outdoor camping, the portable solar inverter is supply electricity best choose.

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