Tanfon Products Warranty
Published by FOSHAN TANFON ENERGY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD September 26,2019

1. The service hotline is +86 757 82706258, offering general inquiry, technical support, etc.

2. Service email address: can contact Tanfon service representative directly as well.

3. Warranty period and service mode. We offer different service solutions for different product, see details on below table.


Warranty period:


Warranty period

Solar inverter


Solar charge controller


PV combiner box



Service mode:

(1) Send a photo or a video proving that the latter have a problem.

(2) Ask the sales to report it to the engineer and then wait for the return (2 to 3 days).

(3) We will send you the PCB part so that the inverter can work again.


Tanfon solar inverter warranty

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