8KVA Off Grid Solar System 8000w Solar Panel Kit In Thailand
Published by TANFON SOLAR June 11,2021



This 8kw Off Grid Solar System with batteries project is located in Krabi Thailand, a city full of sunshine and attract many visitor from all over the world.


8kw solar system in Thailand


And this Off Grid Solar System is for fruit farm in remote area and cannot connect to city grid. The owner wants to use green energy instead of diesel, so he choose Tanfon to supply the solar power for his farm. Because our engineer can help him with the installation.


And here is few tips for solar panel mount on iron sheet shed:

1. The screws should pitched on top of the wave. When it rains, the water will goes down and gather to the ground.


 8kw solar system in Thailand

2. If your shed is Steel beam, better to use below screw,

8kw solar system in Thailand 


if your shed is wooden beam, better to use below screw.

8kw solar system in Thailand 

8kw solar system in Thailand 


3. When you in remote area, to put a safety breaker in inverter AC ouput. It is mainly used to protect the equipment from electric leakage and human shock protection. It has overload and short circuit protection, which can be used to protect the line or motor from overload and short circuit.


8kw solar system in Thailand 

If you have any problem about the installation, feel free to contact us.

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