PV System grid tie solar air conditioner install in Chile
Published by TANFON SOLAR June 18,2020

on grid solar air conditioner

Chile's climate is complex and diverse, which makes it difficult to summarize the climate situation of Chile in one sentence. The climate can be divided into three distinct sections:

the north section is mainly desert climate;

The middle part is a subtropical Mediterranean climate with heavy rainfall in winter and hot and dry climate in summer;

the south is a temperate broad-leaved forest climate with rainy.


This customer is from the middle part of Chile, it is very hot in the summertime, so hope can get the air conditioner to solve this problem. But local electricity bill is high, first, choose green energy power.


Through smooth communication, we know they have a stable city grid and they only use the air conditioner in the daytime. So we suggest their use ACDC on-grid solar air conditioner


The PV System grid tie solar air conditioner can work with solar panels and grid electricity.

Even when the air conditioner not uses, the solar panel can still generate power and make the power to meter converse, to reduce electricity bill for home using,which is not off-grid, but in the day nearly don’t use grid power (saving 90% comes with 4 pcs solar panels), and in night use grid power. Don’t need extra inverter or controller.


We also have other types of PV System grid tie solar air conditioner, if you interested, welcome to contact us~

acdc solar air conditioner

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