Haiti 10KW Dual Voltage Solar System
Published by TANFON SOLAR July 15,2020


Haiti 10KW Dual Voltage Solar System



380w mono panel 27pcs

H4T/240V PV combiner 1pc

240v 50A controller 1pc

T10KW solar inverter  1pc

200AH gel battery 20pcs

Solar panel bracket  1set

PV cable+battery cable 1set

We all know that Haiti‘s household electricity has two voltages, 110V and 220V. The corresponding three-phase voltage is 220V.

Normally, a small power load such as a TV, fan, computer,fridge, etc. uses 110V single-phase power. If it is a large freezer, air conditioner, electric stove, etc., it uses 220V.

The specific diagram is as follows:


At present, Haiti’s power resources are still relatively scarce, and power is unstable. Frequent power outages and power shortages have caused many inconveniences to local life and production. But many areas of Haiti have natural and good sunlight. Because of this, our customers found our company and proposed to purchase a solar panel system, try it out first, and then promote it.

Because we have already cooperated with customers in Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, Colombia, Guyana, El Salvador, Guatemala and other countries, we quickly understood what the customer said about 2 voltages, and drawn a schematic diagram of electricity to the customer’s engineer, the engineer was sure Our professionalism, so customers trust us more.

Many customers who are satisfied with the operation of our solar inverter system products will send pictures and videos to give us feedback, and this customer is also one of them. We appreciate the feedback from our customers and look forward to working together to further open the Haitian market and bring more convenient, clean and high-quality solar panel systems to the Haitian people.



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