Myanmar Three Phase 20KW solar system
Published by TANFON SOLAR August 13,2020

20kw solar system

20kw solar system

380w mono solar panels * 52pcs
H4T/360V PV combiner * 1pcs
360V/70A solar controller * 1pcs
TF20KW 360V IGBT inverter *1 pcs
12v 250ah gel battery * 30pcs
cables and accessories * 1set

20kw solar system

Before buying this system, our customer has bought a 5KW household solar system for his house in the mountainous area. There is no utility power, only off-grid solar systems can be used.

The first system is in good condition. So he plans to buy a system for the pig house, mainly for the exhaust system.

There are a total of 12 fans in the exhaust system of this pig house, each fan is 1.5 horses, and the total power is 13.5kw.

20kw solar system

20kw solar system

After communicating with our engineer, I think it is appropriate to configure a set of 20KW inverter, because each fan has a coil in it, and the instantaneous current and

will be larger than the rated power the moment it starts. Therefore, a 20KW inverter is recommended.

Then, after confirming the loads information and daily working time with the customer, we configured a suitable system for him.

After the installation was completed, the customer sent us pictures.

Our solar energy systems are widely used in homes, farms, breeding farms, hotels, hospitals, office buildings and other places. Just tell us your load information and electricity demand, and we will design the right system for you.

20kw solar system

20kw solar system


Lithium battery storage 20kw solar system

High-end solar storage system

solar powered generator

FS350W mono solar panel(poly optional)

Vmp:38.39V  Voc:47.13V  

Imp 9.25A    

Size : 1956*992*40mm

25 years life time  (CE TUV)

Coated steel Glass:3.2mm Tem pered

Terminal block:IP65 with MC4 connector

Efficiency performance :25 years 80 % 20 year 85% 10 years 90%

20kw solar system

solar power system

PV combiner

Model:H4T-192v Multiple PV strings inputs

and controller   Prevent hot spot effect

Reliable thunderstorm& surge protection

Product Size:400*425*145mm

20kw solar system

20kw solar system

PV  controller model:192V/80A 

Charging efficiency; 90%-95%,

charging mode, intelligent control.,

various protection functions;

20kw solar system

solar powered generator

Pure sine wave inverter;15kw, DC input:192v

WiFi signal receiving module

AC charger 15-20A

100% Germany brand IGBT materials

Double protection, easy after sales service


Product Size:590*470*730mm  

20kw solar system

Solar battery

1)Gel battery,2 years warranty.

ship NEW for service.

2)Lithium battery,3 years warranty.

ship NEW for service.

20kw solar system

Slope Rooftop or Flat rooftop

including complete fittings

wind load:55m/s,snow load:1.5kn/m2

structure:Anodized Aluminum+stainless steel, Angle adjustable

20kw solar system

solar powered generator

1)4pcs 16mm2*2M battery cable.

2)4mm2 PV cable 200M,100M black 100M red.

3)1set PV terminals and MC4

4)1P 63A Battery switch and box

20kw solar system

20kw solar system

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