Philippines off grid solar system with lightning protection function
Published by TANFON SOLAR August 11,2020


Location: Philippines
Capacity:15kw off grid solar inverter system​
Usage: Resort


The solar panels is always fixed outside without any shadowing. That is the reason for them to be hit by lightning easily, especially in the island.

At the end of last year, a client from Philippines send us a request for the solar system with lightning protection function. He holds a Resort in an island of Philippines. He has installed a small solar system, which was hit and broken by lightening four times last year.


off grid 15kw solar system


After comparing the off grid solar inverter system, the customer chose the 15kw off grid solar inverter system with lightning protection function. The customer is satisfied and ordered correctly. The additional requirement is that we should send an engineer to guide the installation.


15KW solar system


On April 23, our off grid solar inverter system engineer, Terry arrived at the island. The off grid solar inverter with lightning protection function was completed in just three days. We protect the panels of both our 15kw off grid solar inverter system​ and his former 5KW off grid solar inverter system with high Copper Poles, from outside. Furthermore, we built a very good earthing system and connection all the Copper poles, and earth terminal of the whole system with it. Then the two systems were under protection completely and the client are quite satisfied at us, both our products and our services.


15KW solar system


If you want to know more the 15kw off grid solar inverter system with lightning protection function, welcome to contact with us.

Looking forward to service you with our TOP quality products and services. 


15kw off grid solar system

15kw off grid solar inverter system​

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