Tanfon three-phase 20kw inverter solar system for rural irrigation in Germany
Published by TANFON SOLAR September 05,2019

Location: Germany

At the end of 2017, we received Mike and his friends, who were very interested in solar energy. They also compared several suppliers in China, and finally decided that our quality was good. They placed an order on the spot, said: the 2kW solar system was a test sample, and if used well, we would place more orders in the future.

three-phase 20kw solar inverter

After a year of this, customers suddenly contacted us and feedback that the quality of the 2kW solar system was really good, and it's still working well. Through communication, they want to know about the 20kW solar system and use it on their customers' farms.


Especially the three-phase 20kw inverter, because the inverter is the core of a whole solar energy system, their customers are worried that the three-phase 20kw inverter can not be automatically converted to electricity, charging battery time is slow and so on. We also answered their doubts very promptly and one by one.
1-Can the three-phase 20kw inverter automatically switch to power?
A:Of course, the three-phase 20kw inverter has switching between public power and batteries.
2-Will the battery charge take a long time?
A:Rectifier thyristor charging system is used in our company's three-phase 20kw inverter power supply charging system. As long as the solar panels and batteries are suitable, they can be filled in about 4-6 hours of the day.
After removing their customers' doubts, they are ready to pay in euros. For their protection, we suggest using Alibaba's assurance. Alibaba can receive euros and provide inspection services, which further protects the interests of customers.
Now that their customers receive the goods and complete the installation, the feedback 20kw inverter can be converted automatically as we say, and the charging speed is very fast.

solar inverter

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