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How to judge the photovoltaic inverter enterprise?
Published by TANFON SOLAR July 04,2019

With the huge potential of the domestic solar inverter market, the inverter market will usher in more fierce competition, which will put forward extremely high requirements for manufacturers' technology research and development level, product production strength and other aspects.Therefore, due to the lack of independent research and development technology, small and medium-sized inverter manufacturers who mainly purchase the original devices and assemble them according to the drawing will face the test of survival and have difficulty in achieving sustainable development.The mainstream manufacturers who pay attention to technology accumulation and innovation and have profound technology research and development ability will gain more development space by virtue of their comprehensive advantages in various aspects.Then how to judge the photovoltaic inverter enterprise for buyers who need it?

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Importance of after-sales service
Photovoltaic inverter is different from home appliances, is a customized product, each manufacturer is different, product technology is not open, many components are customized, can not be bought in the market, the general home appliance repair station is not to repair the inverter;However, the life of photovoltaic power station is 25 years, and the quality warranty time of inverters is 5 years, and there is a longer period of time for inverter manufacturers to maintain, so the importance of product after-sales even exceeds the product itself, but if the manufacturer goes bankrupt, the after-sales will be gone.

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Stability of mass
Product quality, brand, price, appearance and after-sales service are the factors that users care about. At a certain time, some manufacturers with average product quality may obtain some orders with ultra-low prices.But in the long run, product quality is still the most important factor for users. No user will use the equipment that breaks down frequently and will not buy it again after being cheated once.Now the network is very developed, a quality accident of the negative news, the dissemination speed is very fast;Now the photovoltaic industry payment is not good, is the installment according to the progress of the payment, the inverter out of the problem, the back of the collection of owners have reasons not to give, can not get after a few periods of payment, manufacturers do not say that there is a profit, the cost is not back.

Is the company’s main product inverter?
From the development of inverter industry, generally speaking, the main industry is not inverter companies easy to give up.Some of the large companies are very strong, maybe they enter the photovoltaic inverter industry target is the top three, but once they fail to meet the expected goal, they will often abandon the car, in order to maintain the status and reputation of the big company.And the after-sales service and upgrades to the products it sells can be so discounted that if you happen to be a buyer of its products, you'll be out of luck.

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The research and development ability of the company
Generally speaking, the research and development investment of the company accounts for more than 10% of the sales revenue, only the real research and development strength of the company.At present, the development of inverter is not as mature and stable as that of air conditioner refrigerator, no enterprise can guarantee that the product will not go wrong.New devices and technologies are also emerging in the power electronics industry, and with the continuous innovation of technology, the industry standard is almost a new standard every year.This requires the company to reserve enough technology and talents. First, it is necessary to constantly correct product quality and improve product stability.Second, new devices and technologies are adopted to increase the power generation of inverters, reduce the cost of products and improve the competitiveness of the market.Third, to meet the requirements of the new standards.


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