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What is three phase solar inverter?
Published by TANFON SOLAR July 01,2019

The three phase solar inverter is a high-power inverter power supply for power, mainly used for military; communication; factory and enterprise uninterruptible power supply systems. Mainly composed of power electronic devices; giant transistors and turn-off thyristors constitute the main circuit, is the crystallization of the development of power semiconductor devices.

Three phase solar inverter

一、The main features of products

(1)The inverter USES CPU control, high quality, intelligent sine wave output, which is unique to this product
(2)The inverter output of this product can load various types of equipment, such as fans, refrigerators, air conditioners, electric drills, motors, fluorescent lamps, gas lamps and other household appliances, communication equipment, industrial equipment. It makes up for the shortcomings of the square wave inverter inverter output harmful to the load. Note: Before using the device, you must confirm that the device is a three-phase four-wire (one of which is ground) or three-phase five-wire (one of which is ground)
(3)The intelligent switch machine is designed for easy operation.  
(4)Excellent output short circuit protection design, when the inverter is in battery operation mode, if the short circuit is encountered, the inverter will automatically turn off the machine. Can resist large currents to initiate load shocks.   

On grid solar inverter

(5)The perfect overload protection design can effectively protect the safe operation of the inverter. When the load is in the range of 100%-120%, the inverter will automatically shut down in about 30 seconds. When the load is greater than 120%, the inverter will automatically shut down immediately.
(6)Battery protection: Single battery voltage is 10 volts (maintenance free battery only)
(7)Anti-interference protection: surge protection
(8)The maximum protection voltage of the mains is 260VAC-270VAC, and the minimum is 170VAC.
(9)When the mains R phase is normal, the battery will be able to charge automatically.
(10)When there is less phase or multiphase in the mains and there is a problem with the three-phase socket, the inverter will work in battery mode.  
(11)When the inverter is working in battery mode, if there is one or more phases, the inverter will have no output and cannot be loaded.

二、Product Categories:  

Three-phase inverter can be divided into three in three out or single in three out (220 in 380 out) two categories, the former is the voltage regulator function, the latter is the function of voltage booster, need rectifier function.
三、Three phase solar inverter application scope and matters needing attention
(1)This product may not be used for life-sustaining equipment without permission. 
(2)It is suitable for household appliances, air conditioning equipment, industrial equipment, etc., but it is not suitable for high precision electronic equipment. 
(3)If it used for computer load, the computer's built-in power supply should be brand power supply.

Grid tie power inverter

四、Installation guidance
(1)If the cable is too small, it will cause a fire.Whether it is input wire, output wire, ground wire, or battery wire.Especially the ground wire must be the wiring diameter foot, otherwise will cause the life danger.
(2)attended mode
A.Direct the output line to the output terminal. This connection allows the inverter to support larger loads.
B.Direct the input line into the input terminal, that is to say, the commercial electricity is transferred into the inverter through the terminal, and the load is also output through the terminal.The advantage of this method is that the inverter can work up to 150% of the nominal power.

Three phase solar inverter  

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