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What to pay attention to 3kva off grid solar inverter wholesale?
Published by TANFON SOLAR November 29,2019

The price of 3kva off grid solar inverter is not too low, solar inverter and many brands also began to increase the production input, cost increase, quality is better, but the price is more preferential.If the purchaser wants to buy this kind of inverter in bulk, the sine wave inverter on the one hand must be considered the price, the price is too high beyond our budget, is not very cost-effective;On the other hand, we should pay special attention to the details of our wholesale cooperation. Only in this way can we protect our rights and interests.

3kva off grid solar system

One, whether the performance meets the requirements.Now we see some 3kva off grid solar inverters, the performance may not be very strong, even the power is not up to standard, solar inverter this will affect our later use.Therefore, we have to test its performance. If the sine wave inverter is purchased directly in the physical store, it can be directly tested and then decide whether to buy.If the purchase is through the network, you can also directly through the network to compare the parameters, and to explain in advance, once the performance does not meet the requirements, must be replaced immediately.

on grid solar inverter

 Confirmation of wholesale prices and services. 3kva off grid solar inverter Wholesale must determine the wholesale unit price is how much, only in this way can let us know whether the price is reasonable, whether there are other concessions. Of course, we also need to determine the specific after-sales service, after all, the wholesale quantity is more, not necessarily to ensure the quality of all inverters is the best, if there are problems, later processing is also very important.High cost performance, performance excellence, and ensure that the service of the product is our best choice.

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