How solar panel PV combiner working?
Published by TANFON SOLAR March 06,2020


Foshan tanfon energy technology co.,LTD is professional manufacturer solar inverter ,solar controller ,solar panel combiner ect . Here introduce the PV combiner function: lightning protection, isolation --- to prevent solar panels anti-irrigation In general, solar panels are allowed to be used in parallel at nominal voltages, but only after proper handling. When in parallel must ensure that solar panels will not occur between the internal friction, which requires the addition of the combiner box, the combiner box can prevent counterflow (anti-irrigation), to prevent internal friction.  

1. Can access multiple solar panel arrays at the same time, each rated current can reach 10A, maximum 15A, which can meet the needs of different users;

2. Each input is independently equipped with solar photovoltaic DC high-voltage lightning protection circuit, with multi-level lightning protection function, to ensure that the lightning strike does not affect the normal output of the photovoltaic array;

3. The output end is equipped with a photovoltaic DC high-voltage lightning protection module, which can withstand a maximum lightning current of 80kA.

4, using high-voltage circuit breaker, DC withstand voltage value is not lower than DC1000V, safe and reliable;

5. With lightning record function, it is convenient to understand the invasion of lightning disasters;

6. With real-time display function of current, voltage and power, easy to observe the working condition (optional);

7. The protection level reaches IP65, which meets the requirements for outdoor installation.

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