What is the difference between Mppt controller and PWM controller?
Published by TANFON SOLAR January 28,2021

Why do more and more people consider using MPPT Solar charge controllers to replace PWM Solar charge controllers, even though the cost of MPPT Solar charge controllers are high?

Because the charging efficiency of Solar charge controllers is as high as 99.9%, it can fully use the solar panel to charge the battery without causing waste of the solar system; while the charging efficiency of the PWM controller can only reach 80%.

In addition, the photovoltaic input voltage range of the Solar charge controllers is relatively wide. As long as the voltage is within the range, you can increase or decrease the number of series solar panels at will; while the PWM is fixed.


The difference between MPPT Solar charge controllers​ and PWM solar charge controller for high voltage controller above 192V


MPPT Solar charge controllers

PWM Solar charge controller

Charge efficiency





External structure

MPPT Solar charge controller is more sturdy, and the case is about 5cm thicker than PWM Solar charge controller



MPPT Solar charge controller is with handle for easy installation




External structure

The MPPT Solar charge controller contains large capacitors, inductors and IGBT modules, which require a large area of heat dissipation. Therefore, the heat dissipation of the MPPT controller is designed to dissipate heat through the bottom. In the PWM controller, there are only IGBT modules, without large capacitors and inductors. So the side heat dissipation method is adopted.




 Internal structure

The MPPT Solar charge controller contains large capacitors and inductors, but PWM does not.

(Note: There must be large capacitors and inductors inside the MPPT Solar charge controller. Otherwise, it is a PWM Solar charge controller)



MPPT Solar charge controllers


TANFON solar controller products:

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